def is_letter(character):
return character in

I noticed this function would loop from a-Z so we should speed that up using a set!

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I have been coding remotely from New Zealand for around 5 months now working 11am until 7pm matching Melbourne time, I have a Google hangout stand-up at midday and email my progress around at the end of each day, I’m also remotely included in retros, product showcases and planning meetings. It has been working pretty well.

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I wanted an easy way of designing greasemonkey scripts, chrome extensions and i would often report bugs and tell people how they can fix them.

I created WebFiddle.net which would run some extra CSS and JS on any page, i didn’t want anyone to have to install an extension to use it so you could easily share it to show someone a problem.

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Lee Penkman

Nerd/Geek, Crypto/Software/Games/VFX/ML, Multiple hat wearer

Image Processing/ML Engineer @ Canva